Body Boarding

Body boarding is often the first experience anyone has in the surf, and it can create a life long connection with the beach. We start with a thorough safety briefing and teach the group how to read the conditions before getting the group into the water. We help students understand the wind, swells and tides.

Once in, the fun ramps up a notch.

Body Boarding

Body boarding gives participants a quick induction to surf fun. There's no pressure to stand and almost everyone will be able to catch a wave all the way into shore. It's incredibly social. You can chat with your friends while waiting for a wave, and challenge each other as you ride in. Body-boarding is everything good about a day at the beach.

Outthere provides everything you'll need for a safe and fun session including soft body boards and full length 3/2mm wetsuits.

Teachers can watch from the comfort of the beach, or get in and catch the waves with their charges.

We offer body-boarding lessons around the pristine beaches of Phillip Island, Wilson's Promontory and anywhere along the South Gippsland Coast.

All our activities are fully insured and comply with all necessary guidelines as set out by the Education department and the AAS. All lead instructors have community surf life saving certificates and level two first aid. Children's checks are mandatory for all Outthere staff.